Here is what our patrons are saying about Public Computer Center services.

About our Computer Labs:

— Since coming to the Poughkeepsie Library Computer Center I have learned a lot of new things, and new ideas. I have learned to create a new web site, create business cards, searched the web, different ways to search for jobs, Microsoft Word, create documents, searched for business and address, and download of documents from one computer to another. Without the help of these people it would be impossible. Bruce, Stephanie, Chris, Krishna, Debbie, and Gary, these people are very kind and patient. Their help have been greatly appreciated, and it has made me a better person today.  Thanks guys.  Have a happy holiday                                                                                                –C. A.

— Being retired since 7/92 I have become very rusty w/the new technology. The courses and lab sessions, which I attend every Monday and Wednesday faithfully have been very informative. I’ve sent Xmas cards using CLIP ART and wrote notes using Copy/Paste without rewriting certain items over and over again. There is so much more I want to learn.  Have no computer at home.  I sure would miss the availability of computer sessions at city library. You’ll find me here as often as possible, weather permitting.         –Dora N.

About our Job Search & Resume writing workshops:

I was very satisfied with the competence of the instructors, the real world experience and tips they shared. I appreciate that the library system made these classes available, free of charge to the public. They are very much needed and appreciated and I hope the Poughkeepsie Library system is able to continue offering the classes to the public.                                                                                                                                         – Curtis R

— I thought the workshop was very good and professional, much more than I had expected. I was very impressed with the useful and updated information that were presented and how freely we could all exchange information during the workshop. It’s invaluable!!                                                                                                           — Eran B

–I particularly like the concept of the elevator speech because it made me think out what I wanted to say in advance, which was also helpful in being more prepared for interviews.                                                                                                                           – Nancy P

About our Microsoft Office Suite workshops:

Very good! Most recent version of Excel is used. Happy to be introduced to the new user interface controls.                                                                                                   — Tom M

Organized coverage of unbelievable amount of material with individual help and humor that held both attention and understanding.                                                                      — Bill D

I found the instructor, Debbie, to be very engaging and she made the learning experience that much more enjoyable. I look forward to continuing these classes and increasing my knowledge. Thank you very much and I hope and pray you are able to continue with these.                                                                                                                                  – Lisa T

The instructors were very knowledgeable with the material. They took the time to explain the material and encouraged us to ask questions. When questions were asked the instructors made sure that the student fully understood the material before proceeding. This is critical class in this current economy of high unemployment. The library is conveniently located so it is easy to get to this location to enhance my skills while I look for employment.                                                                                                     – Anonymous

About Our Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook) workshops:

–The instructor was very informative and gave many suggestions. She  asked questions and took time to make sure that all questions were clearly answered. This is helpful for seeking employment, networking and presenting myself  professionally.        — Preston L

— Excellent workshop. The security/privacy information was extremely helpful. – Carolyn H

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