Frequently Asked Questions


How much are the computer classes?

All classes are free!

Why there are limits on how many can sign up for a class?

Our computer classes are purposely small so that we can effectively assist everyone in learning how to use the program we’re teaching. We generally allow 8 students in most classes.

What time should I be at the class?

Please be in a seat and ready to begin at the scheduled start time of class. We try to wait a few extra minutes if the parking lot seems to be very busy or if there are weather concerns, but it’s helpful if everyone arrives on time.

What if I’m late for class?

Our workshops are short – usually two hours – so coming in late may mean that you miss some important information and it can be difficult to get you caught up. If you’ll be more than 15 minutes late, please wait and take the class another time.

Can I bring my own computer to class?

Our computers are already set up for the class, including any files we’ll be using during the class, and all have the same version of the programs. Please plan to use our computers.

I’m on the waiting list for a class. When will I know if I can attend?

Our instructors try to contact all registered students before a class. If we have openings, we attempt to contact patrons on the waiting list as late as a short time before class begins.

Can I share a computer?

Our classes work best if each person is using a computer, but you may share with a friend if you both agree to it. Please let us know ahead of time so that we have an extra handout. Email us at dminnerly@poklib.org to let us know, or call 845-485-3345 x3380.

What if I need to leave early?

If you need to leave early, please let your instructor know as there is a class survey that must be completed before you leave.

What’s the weather like in the library?

In the summer, our usual training room (Charwat on the ground floor) is cold. Please plan accordingly.

What if I miss a 101 class and I’m registered for a 102 class?

If you’ve never used the program before, please wait until you can take a 101 class. However, if you’re already familiar with the program, you may be able to come to 102.

If you’re unsure if you should attend any class, send us an email (dminnerly@poklib.org) or call 845-485-3345 x3380 .

Computer labs:

What can I do in a lab?

Labs are open computer time for you to come and ask for help in email, using the internet, searching for jobs, searching for resources, etc.   We can also help you set up a new email address.

Please remember that our main focus is to help patrons become more comfortable using computers and to assist them in finding employment.

How long do I need to be in a lab?

You can come and go as you please as long as you’re not disrupting other patrons in the lab. Leave enough time to accomplish your task as our instructors may be assisting other patrons when you arrive.

It can take about 45 minutes to help you set up a brand-new email address.

Plan for at least an hour if you’re applying for a job – many job applications require you to have an email address to use in the application, so that could mean you’ll need the entire two hour lab if you do not yet have an email address.

Is there a fee to use the lab?

Labs are free and you can come in and leave as needed. You don’t need to stay for the full two hours of lab time.

Do I need to register for lab?

There is no registration for computer labs. We are usually able to accommodate everyone who attends. In the event that we are full when you arrive, you may need to wait a few minutes for a computer.

Do I need an email address to use the lab?

Email is not required to use the lab, but we can help you set up a free email address. If you’re job hunting, you’ll very likely need email – most companies require it when you are completing an online application.

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