Hands-On Microsoft Office

Files on this page are for practicing your Microsoft Office skills.
NOTE:  The last meeting of this lab was Thursday June 25, 2015. We plan to bring it back in the fall of 2015. Until then, you are welcome to practice on your own or come to the Computer Labs.

Computer Labs are Monday through Friday 11-1 at Adriance Memorial Library, Tuesday evening 6-8 at Adriance Memorial Library or Thursday 1:30-3 at Boardman Road Branch Library.
If you have questions, please contact Debbie Minnerly (dminnerly@poklib.org).

Practice skills learned in classes at the library or that you have learned outside of the library.

Please complete the survey before you leave the training room. Thank you!

Click here – Hands-On Microsoft Office Survey

General Microsoft Office Tasks

Do you need help working with multiple windows open on the computer?

Do you need to use cut/copy and paste and are unsure how to use them?

Please ask and we will help you!!

Click for Excel exercises
Click for PowerPoint exercises
Click for Access exercises

Word 101 Files

Click the link(s) to download the file(s) for Word – click Open to open them in Word. Print each file as needed.

Exercise 1 file below (typing & formatting a business letter):

Word 101 – Exercise 1 – 3 pages (instructions, text for letter, finished letter)

Exercise 2 file below – instructions only (creating a sign):

Word 101 – Exercise 2 – 1 page (instructions only)

Exercise 3 files below (checking spelling and grammar):

Word 101 – Exercise 3 – Instructions

Word 101(or 102) – Exercise 3 – Spelling and Grammar Check

Exercise 4 files below (creating a yard sale flyer):

Word 101 – Exercise 4 – Instructions

Word 101 – Exercise 4 – Yard Sale flyer text (page 1) and Completed Flyer (page 2)

Word Mail Merge

GCF LearnFree lesson on Mail Merge – files for performing the Mail Merge are in the lesson.

Mail Merge at GCF LearnFree

Excel 101 Files

Click the link(s) to download the file(s) for Excel – click Open to open them. The Word file is instructions. The Excel file is where you do the work.

Exercise 1:

Excel 101 – Cafe Sales – Instructions (Word file)

Excel 101 – Cafe Sales – Working file (Excel file)

Exercise 2:

Excel 101 – Employees – Instructions (Word file)

Excel 101 – Employees – Working file (Excel file)

Exercise 3:

Excel 101 – Mail Order List– Instructions (Word file)

Excel 101 – Mail Order List – Working file (Excel file)

Exercise 4:

Excel 101 – School Items – Instructions (Word file)

Excel 101 – School items – Working file (Excel file)

Extra Excel file to try anything you would like:


Excel 102 Files

Exercise 1:

Excel 102 – Chart for Sales Data – Instructions

Excel 102 – Chart for Sales Data – Working file

Exercise 2:

Excel 102 – Sales Orders – Instructions

Excel 102 – Sales Orders – Working file

Exercise 3:

Excel 102 – Wages – Working file with instructions

PowerPoint 101 Files

Click the link to download the instructions file for PowerPoint – click Open to open the file in Word:

Hands-On PowerPoint 101

Access 101 Files

Click the link to download the instructions file for Access – click Open to open the file in Word. Note you must use the Access file from the library computers (WordPress does not allow a database to be attached here):

Exercise 1 – Access 101 – Instructions

Exercise 2 – Access 101 – Instructions

Click here – Hands-On Microsoft Office Survey

If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the contact form below. We will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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