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PC Basics

Learn the basics of a computer–how to start up and shut down a PC; how to open, close, and resize your windows; scrolling essentials, and using the taskbar to move between windows. Find resources on learning the mouse and keyboard and learn some basic internet skills. This workshop includes lab time for you to explore the PC.

Internet 101

This course introduces the basics of internet surfing such as opening Internet Explorer, using the minimizing, restore, and close buttons, resizing windows, and using the address bar. The class will also complete a few simple keyword searches using Google. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills.

Internet 102

Learn more about Internet…What exactly is the World Wide Web? What do those different domain names (.com,.net,.org) mean? What is the difference between http and https? What is Boolean searching? Also discover great sites for shopping, reading the news, researching consumer products, finding new recipes and much more!  Prerequisite: Internet 101 or equivalent experience.

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