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Welcome to the Public Computer Center @ Poughkeepsie Public Library District!

The Public Computer Center at Adriance Memorial Library was launched in September, 2010. The Public Computer Center (PCC) provides free public access computing services and technology instruction to the general public. Individuals with all levels of computer experience are encouraged to attend the workshops offered by the Public Computer Center (PCC) technology instructors. The focus of our services include helping the unemployed use technology to find jobs and advance their careers, and assisting the general public in improving their computer literacy. For more information on workshops we offer click here.

  • Learn the essentials of how to use a computer in the series on Computer Basics.
  • Practice creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in classes on Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Gain the tools to locate job openings, write great resumes, and ace the interview in the series of workshops for Job Seekers.
  • Learn to navigate the world of technology with Digital Magazines, eBooks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ancestry.com, Pinterest and more.

Along with the instruction provided in formal workshops, staff also provides individualized assistance in the PCC’s Open Computer Lab. The staff can help you with following tasks, but not limited to:

  • Learning how to use a computer and a mouse
  • Creating an email account
  • Searching for a job and filling out an online
  • Formatting a resume
  • Working with attachments
  • Learning Microsoft Office products
  • Any computer puzzle you can’t solve

As part of the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the New York State Library Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) award provided funds to establish a Public Computer Center (PCC) located at Adriance Memorial Library. The goal of the PCC is to promote digital literacy and the broader use of technology by the public, and to specifically assist individuals in finding jobs and advancing their careers. These resources include technology training workshops, individualized help in the PCC’s computer lab, and links to useful websites.

Bridging the digital divide in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Technology Literacy @ Your Library

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