Looking for work? Watch out for Job Scams!

An email arrives in your inbox saying that you are perfect for a job. Terrific! Or is it?

As you read the email, you see that you need to apply for a free iPad. Or, they want to ship you items that you repackage and ship outside of the United States.
Or, they want to deposit some money in your account, let you keep some of it and transfer the rest out to another account

These are scams. In the iPad scam, you will likely provide personal information to the scammers that can possibly lead to your identity being stolen. Some scams, like reshipping or money laundering, can get you in trouble with the law.

Some Red flags to look for:
1. Did you actually apply for a job with this company? Keep track of where you apply so you can check back on the company names.
2. Do they address you by name in the email? Not your email address, but your actual name?
3. Did someone from the company sign their name? Any legitimate person from a company will give you their full name, along with their contact information.
4. Does the email come from a company or organization like this: SallySmith@company.com? Or is it from a general email address like SallySmith@gmail.com.
If someone who emails you is actually working for a company that is hiring, they will have a legitimate company email.

For more information on job scams, check these articles:

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For help with Job Searching, come to our Computer Labs at the Poughkeepsie Public Library District. We can help you determine if an email about a job looks legitimate. We can also help you apply for jobs on legitimate sites.
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