Watch out for scams!

Have you received a strange email from the IRS or from EZ-Pass saying that you have a bill to pay? They are scams.

How about a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft saying that your computer has contacted them? Another scam.

If there is a problem with your tax return, the IRS will send you something in the mail. They do not conduct business via email. The same is true for EZ-Pass. And, Microsoft is not monitoring your computer.

Read this article from Consumer Reports on some of the current scams. Be wary of anyone asking you for personal information via email, phone, or even in person.

2 thoughts on “Watch out for scams!”

  1. Thanks for the info. It’s just like the reminds I read at I’ll be sharing this with family and friends.

    By the way, do you have a list of phone numbers used by scammers so we can block them ahead.

  2. You’re welcome Lisa. Unfortunately I don’t believe there is any list of phone numbers used by scammers. I would just be cautious of all unsolicited phone calls and emails.

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