Undo and You

When you are working in a Microsoft Office program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.) and you press a key or click a button and something goes wrong, what can you do to fix it? It’s pretty simple if you know what you did, but sometimes it’s not that obvious.

Look for the Undo button at the top left of the screen (in the Quick Access Toolbar). It looks like a backwards blue arrow. When you click the button, it undoes the last action (typing, deleting, etc.). Clicking it again undoes the previous action.

The Undo button is available in Microsoft Office programs and you may find it in many other programs/applications that you use.

If you don’t see an Undo button, or if you prefer to use the keyboard, there is another option for you. There is a key combination available for Undo – Ctrl+Z.

To use the key combination, press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard, press and release the letter Z, then release Ctrl. If you need to Undo another action, you can use the key combination again.

Try using Ctrl+Z on web pages where you can type – it works there also.

If only Undo was available in real life!!

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