Google Tips

Many of us find Google to be a useful search engine, but we could all benefit from tips to make our search experience easier and more effective.

How Strong is Your Google Fu? is useful for the beginner Google user, and has tips on using special symbols to help you specify the information you are really trying to locate. It also covers how to search for images, currency, measurements, and how to utilize Google alerts to track yourself or other topics of interest that appear in the news or on newly indexed websites.

How Strong Is Your Google Fu?

Get the Most Out of Google is written for individuals doing more extensive research than most of do on a regular basis, however it offers useful tips on how to :

  • search for particular types of information like PDFs
  • refine your search by specific authors or sites
  • utilize keyboard shortcuts
  • access Google Scholar, which searches only academic and scholarly work

Get the Most Out of Google

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