Technology Device Training Fair @ Your Library

Confused by your new laptop, e-reader, or tablet? Drop in with your device (no cell phones please) and we’ll help you learn how to use it, guide you to appropriate educational resources on how to use your device and answer any questions you may have. Please register here and stop by in Charwat meeting room, ground floor at Adriance Memorial Library on Saturday, April 14, 2012 between 10AM and 2PM. It is completely free service and open to public.

Make sure your device is fully charged. Also make note of any USER ID  and password for your device. Here are few examples:

  • For Kindle: Amazon account e-mail and password.
  • For iPad: Apple ID and password.
  • For Nook: Barnes & Noble account ID and password.
  • For laptops: Login user ID and password (if any)

If you are using your device to borrow books from your public library, please bring your library card with valid PIN  to login to your library account. For any additional information, contact: Stephanie Harrison   (845) 485-3445 x3381