How to attach a resume to email?

In our Computer labs and Job Seeker workshops the most frequently asked question is how to send a resume in e-mail to a potential employer or how to send photos to family members. Well, we have put together the following 6 steps to do just that. Follow these steps and you are on your way sending resumes or photos!

Also you can watch the video at the end of these steps, if you want to look at how to do this and how different e-mail programs look like.

    • 1.  Open your email program. Popular email programs include, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL mail and Hotmail.
    • 2. Click the “Compose Mail” or “New Message” button or link to create a new email message. The name will vary depending on the email program you are using.
    • 3. Click the “Attach” or “Attach files” button to attach a file. The name of the button will vary by the email service provider. Many email programs place an image of a paper clip on the button for ease of identification. Clicking the button should produce a dialog box.
    • 4. Use the “Open”  dialog box to search on your computer for the resume file or any document/photo you wish to attach. Click on the file and click the “Open” or “Insert” button. The program may attach the file automatically, such as in Gmail, or you may have to click an “Attach file”  button in Yahoo! Mail.
    • 5. Type your contact’s email address into the field labeled “To” and enter the title of the message into the “Subject” line. If you want send a copy of this email to yourself, you can type your email address in field labeled “Cc” or “Bcc” (blind carbon copy, so that recipient will not see that you sent copy to yourself). Type a message into the message box.
    • 6. Review your message. Click the “Send” button when you are satisfied.

Here is the video showing the steps involved in sending an email to potential employer with cover letter and attached resume and also followed by attaching a photo in new Yahoo!

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